For TSF Subscribing Companies

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Important info for theatre companies!

Below is information on how to become a subscribing theatre company, plus some important links for all companies and workshop leaders.

(If you are an individual wishing to be on the TSF mailing list or you would like to post auditions or workshops, you do NOT need to be a subscribing company! Go to our Contact page.)

To become a subscriber:
If you produce theatrical events in Santa Fe, become part of the Theatre Santa Fe community! The extraordinarily reasonable fee (January to January) is only $50 a year if you produce only one show or event a year, and $100 a year if you produce more than one show or event. Your shows and events will be included in our weekly email, we will publicize your auditions and workshops, you will be eligible for our discounted advertising package, you will be included in Theatre Walk 2019, you can come to a party every year, and you will be officially a member of the supportive theatre environment in your town!

To subscribe: Email Talia Pura at She will tell you where to send your check.

Then email a blurb about your company, a link to your site, and four photos to Please note which photo you want on the TSF Producer page.

To get your theatre production listed in our calendar:
Once you are a subscriber, send your production information and photo to If your event is listed in the calendar, it will automatically be included in the weekly TSF email that goes out to 1200 theatre goers.

To have your image posted as the banner on the TSF home page:
Book the space as early as you like: Send the image you want to use: RGB, JPG, 1600 pixels wide x 600 (max) pixels tall, 144 ppi. (A smaller file will work, but it just might not be as crispy on a computer screen.)

To list your audition or workshop:
You do not have to be a subscribing company to list your auditions or workshops because we see those as a service to the actors in Santa Fe. Send your information to

To download a TSF ad for your program:
We ask that all subscribers include a TSF ad in their programs. You can download a variety of sizes in both black-and-white or in color.

To download a TSF logo:
If you need a TSF logo, you can find them here.

To buy in to the TSF package that includes Pasa and Reporter ads:
Theatre Santa Fe subscribing companies benefit from shared advertising costs. The ads might be shared with more than one company. Here are the specifics:

For $250 for one month, you will be included in:
ONE quarter-page Pasatiempo full-color ad.
ONE larger full-color pickup ad in the New Mexican on the preceding Thursday.
TWO one-eighth page banner ads in the Reporter.

To buy this package yourself through the newspapers would cost about $1750.

To sign up for the package: If you would like to participate in this offer, please email Jackie at