Santa Fe Theatre Walk • Theatre Santa Fe

Theatre Walk Santa Fe is coming!
Saturday, September 14, 2019
Noon to 5 p.m.


More details to come. For now, check out the video from last year’s Walk and scroll down for the schedule of events presented last year on Saturday, September 22, 2018.
Click here to view a map of the area with the venues marked.

Watch the 2018 Theatre Walk thirty-second video!

Questions? Suggestions? Want to volunteer this year? Write to us at TheatreSantaFe!

Schedule of Events 2018

VENUE 1: Santa Fe Playhouse Speakeasy • 3218 Calle Marie

Just Say It Theater • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Gun Play, by Dale Dunn
A man, a woman, and a gun. Enough is enough.
Cast:    Lynn Goodwin as Woman, Scott Harrison as Man

Ironweed Productions • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    Hidden Treasure: a Georgian Immigrant’s Story, by Ketevan Kharshilze Ussery
This is the opening scene, based on Ketevan Kharshilze Ussery’s remarkable journey immigrating from Tbilisi.
Cast:     Ketevan Kharshilze Ussery
Director:     Scott Harrison

VENUE 2: Santa Fe Playhouse Workshop • 3218 Calle Marie • Unit B

Santa Fe Playhouse • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    The Explaining Room (part of Benchwarmers 2018), by Helen Rynaski
In the afterlife, there’s a room where you receive the answers to life’s mysteries. But in this comedy, things don’t go according to plan.
Cast:     Patti O’Berg as Sylvia, Veronica C. Everett as Caroline, Cynthia Coulter as Voice 1, Marguerite Louise Scott as Voice 2
Director:     Hamilton Turner

For Giving Productions & Red Thread Santa Fe • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, by Rebecca Gilman
Dana, a well respected artist, has had a few failures in life. Thus she finds herself at a rehab facility with two very strange characters.
Cast:     Debrianna Mansini as Dana, JD Garfield as Michael, Hamilton Turner as Gary
Director:    Janet Davidson

VENUE 3: Iglesia Apostolica • 3233 Calle Marie • Unit B

Ron Bloomberg Productions • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Your Move, by Ron Bloomberg
A comedy with two friends of a certain age, one in trouble financially.
Georgia O’Keeffe may save the day.
Cast:    Ron Bloomberg, Bill Dupuy, and Debrianna Mansini

New Mexico School for the Arts • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    Las Fronteras, by Domenica Nieto
Las Fronteras explores the reality that young immigrants or children of immigrants face as they journey toward a future on an unknown path.
Directors:    Domenica Nieto and Sylka Feliciano
Cast:    Jayden Chavez, Luca Pacheco, Manouk Paglayan

VENUE 4: Teatro Paraguas • 3205 Calle Marie • Unit B

New Mexico Actors Lab • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene A:    The Gin Game, by D. L. Coburn • at 1:30 and 3:30
On the back porch of a retirement home, two lonely inmates meet and begin a marathon game of Gin that eventually reveals their deepest secrets.
Director:    Robert Benedetti
Cast:    Suzanne Lederer* as Fonsia, Jonathan Richards as Weller
    *Suzanne Lederer appears through the courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Scene B:    A Doll’s House, Part 2, by Luca Hanft • at 2:30 and 4:30
This comedic modern tale takes up where Ibsen left off and explores the rules of society and gender in our own time.
Director:    Robert Benedetti
Cast:    Leslie Dillen and Kat Sawyer

Teatro Paraguas • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    Atacama, by Augusto Federico Amador
Ignacia and Diego meet in the Atacama desert. They find a deep and unsettling connection that shakes their souls.
Cast:     Bernadette Peña as Ignacia, James Chavez as Diego
Director:     Juliet Marie Salazar
Stage Mgr:    Glenda Thompson

VENUE 5: Annex A • 3205 Calle Marie • Unit A

The Oasis Theatre Company • Part 1 at 1:30 • Part 2 at 2:30 • Part 1 at 3:30 • Part 2 at 4:30
Scene:    The Diaries of Adam and Eve, by Mark Twain
Staged reading enhanced with illuminating drawings from both books.
Cast:    James Jenner as Adam, Brenda Lynn Bynum as Eve
Director:    Brenda Lynn Bynum

Blue Raven Theatre • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    Strawberry Jam, by Talia Pura
Nothing strains a relationship like having to tell your mother
her house has been condemned.
Director:    Talia Pura
Cast:    Cheryl Ford-Mente as Mary, Zoe Burke as Susan

VENUE 6: Cacao Santa Fe • 3201 Richards Lane • Unit B

Almost Adult Productions • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Late Reunion, by Aaron Leventman
Rona contacts her old high school friend in an effort to rekindle a once meaningful friendship. Except neither of them is now who they appear to be.
Cast:    Noah Simpson as Jeffrey, Cristina Vigil as Rona
Director:    Aaron Leventman

Z Productions • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    Lion’s Tale, by Rosemary Zibart
A lion snapping a man’s neck causes a couple to view their own mortality and question what they might truly desire before the end.
Cast:    Danette Sills and Aaron Leventman
Director:    Rosemary Zibart

VENUE 7: Confetti Community Hall • 3205 Richards Lane • Unit B

Julesworks • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Julesworks Follies Microcosm of Santa Fe’s Live (Not Quite) Monthly Variety Show, by Julesworks Ensemble
This is a mini sampling of the variety of live performances presented by the Julesworks Follies.
Director:    Julesworksers
Cast:    Julesworksers Ensemble including Danette Sills, Rose Provan, Stephen Jules Rubin, Michelle Ellchemi Ossorio McGrath, Christl MacKenzie, Andrew Professor Ferg, Yvette Michelle & GabeCat Martinez, Chris Diestler

Upstart Crows of Santa Fe • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scenes:     From Shakespeare
Cast:     Members of the Upstart Crows of Santa Fe
Director:    Caryl Farkas

VENUE 8: Dance Space • 3208 Richards Lane • Unit A

Labinger Productions • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:     Charming Billy, by Jerry Labinger
Billy decides his future, but his mother can’t accept it. His father wants him to grow up, but is this the way to go?
Cast:    Jodi Urbanak as Clara, Tyler Nunez as Billy, Brent Black as Norman
Directors:    Talia Pura & Jerry Labinger

Santa Fe Dance Company • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Dance:    Various pieces from our repertoire

VENUE 9: Santa Fe Improv • 1213 Mercantile Road • Unit D

Theatre Grottesco • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Action at a Distance, by Jeff Glassman (open rehearsal)
A work in progress: Four actors play nearly twenty characters in six plays that unravel simultaneously. The density of content is punctuated by the beauty of human synchronicity.
Cast:    Koppany Pusztai, John Flax, Tara Khozein, Danielle Louise Reddick
Directors:    Lisa Fay & Jeff Glassman Duo •

Santa Fe Improv • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    NOW
NOW is an improv comedy performance where players and audience inhabit the present moment, laugh, and have a great time.
Director:    Ben Taxy
Cast:    The Santa Fe Improv Players

VENUE 10: Adobe Rose Theatre • 1213 Parkway Drive • Unit B

International Shakespeare Center • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Act 1.2 of King Lear, by Shakespeare
This scene sets up the family drama with Gloucester and his sons that parallels Lear’s own family drama with his daughters.
Cast:    Geoffrey Pomeroy as Edmund, Marty Madden as Gloucester,
Alex Reid as Edgar
Director:    Caryl Farkas

Adobe Rose Theatre • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged), by Austin Tichenor and Reed Martin
Cast:     Dylan Reilly Fitzpatrick, Mariah Olesen, Koppany Pusztai
Directors:     Kate Chavez and Robin Holloway
Stage Mgr:    Casey Lakatos