Santa Fe Theatre Walk • Theatre Santa Fe

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Noon to 5 p.m.


Over 20 theatre companies will present short plays every half hour. Plays run simultaneously in multiple venues, which are all within a short walk of each other, on Calle Marie, Richard’s Lane, Parkway, and Mercantile. Patrons stroll from one venue to the next, entertained by street performers along the way.

Entry wristbands ($5 CASH) will be sold at all venues and free programs with show information and a site map will also be available. Patrons can start at any venue and use the informative program to map out which shows to see during the afternoon.

Venue and Show List!

Click here to view a map of the area with the venues marked.

Venue 1.  Playhouse Speakeasy

KGR’s Kabaret: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Cast: Karen Ryan and perhaps some surprise special guests
Accordion talents by AlmaZazz!
Description: Join us for some whimsical musings and scenes, with some music sprinkled in.         

Z Productions: 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
A Quickie For God’s Sake, by Rosemary Zibart • at 12:30 • 2:30 • 4:30
Director: Rosemary Zibart
Cast: Nate Harris and Ashley Serrao
Description: A couple wrestles with priorities and God knows who will win. 

I Told Her, by Rosemary Zibart • at 1:30 • 3:30
Director: Rosemary Zibart
Cast: Mason Tuck and Ashley Serrao
Description: A first date with unusual complications. 

Venue 2.  Playhouse Rehearsal Hall 

Santa Fe Playhouse: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Excerpt from The Happiest Song Plays Last, by Quiara Alegría Hudes
Director: Robyn Rikoon
Cast: Robert Henkel Jr., Tara Khozein, and Devin Zamora
Description: At the dawn of the Arab Spring in an ancient Jordanian town, an Iraq War veteran struggles to overcome the traumas of combat by taking on an entirely new and unexpected career: an action-film hero.

Santa Fe Playhouse Young Playwrights Project: 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Improv Games and Original Writings
Directors: Marguerite Louise Scott and Quinn Fontaine
Cast: Kids and teens from the Young Playwrights Project
Description: Come see the creative joy and expression that these awesome youth have to share! 

Venue 3.  Shakespeare Reading Room 

Upstart Crows: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Scenes from Shakespeare, by Shakespeare
Director: Caryl Farkas
Description: Members of the Crows will perform various scenes from Shakespeare

Julesworks: 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
By the Kiddy Kitty Pool: Cool Off and Enjoy with the Julesworks Follies 
Written and performed by Julesworks Loyalists: Rose Provan, Danette Sills, Stephen Jules Rubin, Ellchemi Ossorio, and more
Description: Julesworks Follies, Santa Fe’s longest-running (some seven years) live (not quite monthly) variety show(case) of playlets, comedy, music, and improv with audience interaction encouraged and more. 

Venue 4.  Teatro Paraguas

Teatro Paraguas: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Excerpt from Elliot: A Soldier's Fugue, by Quiara Alegría Hudes
Director: Alix Hudson
Cast: Juliet Salazar, Rudy "Froggy" Fernandez, Niko'a Salas, and Luca Pacheco
Description: This Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist takes a poignant look at the way war permeates our lives, speaking to the personal cost of war across the ages, spanning three generations of a Puerto Rican-American family.

SageRight (Los Alamos, NM): 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Smiles, by Robert F. Benjamin • at 12:30 • 2:30
Director: Robert F. Benjamin
Cast: Amelia Dolejsi and Jake Turin
Description: An upbeat, multigenerational comedy about homework, wrinkles, and wisdom.

Plots, by Robert F. Benjamin • at 1:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Director:  Robert F. Benjamin
Cast:  Jody Shepard and Tomás Farish
Description: As she accompanies her new husband to the grave of his first wife, the new bride is shocked by the tombstone and goes ballistic. 

Venue 5.  Teatro Paraguas Rehearsal Hall

Ironweed Productions: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Excerpt from Water by the Spoonful, by Quiara Alegría Hudes
Director: Valli Marie Rivera
Cast: Juan Mendoza Solis, Cristina Vigil, Frida Mercury, Dmetrius Conley-Williams, Evan Dalzell, and Santiago Candelaria
Description: Winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize, a riveting story that grapples with the cost of war and addiction on human lives and explores the healing and redemptive power of family.    

Almost Adult Productions: 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Blanche in a Wheelchair, by Aaron Leventman
Director: Duchess Dale
Cast: Campbell Martin, Steve Berrier, and John Reiser
Description: Chaos ensues when Danny proposes to his long-term, disabled partner at a physical rehab. Can love heal all wounds?

Venue 6.  ARTsmart

Blue Raven Theatre: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Race Day, by Talia Pura, based on A Dutch Uncle, by Jerry Labinger
Director: Talia Pura
Cast: Tyler Nunez and Dylan Marshall
Description: Another day at the races, another winning ticket. How could one guy be so consistently lucky?

Labinger Productions: 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
For Sale, by Jerry Labinger
Director: Talia Pura
Cast: Brent Black, Karen Koestner, Cheryl Ford-Mente, and Jim McGiffin
Description: It’s one thing to sell a house fully furnished, but this offer takes things to a whole new level.

Venue 7.  The Swan

International Shakespeare Center: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Various scenes from Shakespeare, different every hour.
Directors: Caryl Farkas and Ariana Karp
Cast: ISC Rep Company • Special guest appearance: Devon Glover, the Sonnet Man

New Mexico Actors Lab: 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
A Fool to Make Me Merry, by Robert Benedetti with excerpts from Shakespeare
Directors: Robert Benedetti and Nicholas Ballas
Cast: Nicholas Ballas, Robert Benedetti, Maggie Fine, and Jeff Ware
Description: This piece traces the evolution of Shakespeare’s clowns and fools as they were influenced by the three actors in Shakespeare’s company who specialized in these roles.

Venue 8.  The Tent

Santa Fe Classic Theater: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare
Director: Patrick Briggs
Cast: Hania Stocker and Noah Segard
Description: The ‘Queen Mab’ scene. 

Los Alamos Little Theatre: 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Red Licorice, by John R. Gustafson
Director: Linda Taylor
Cast: Terry Beery, Eric Bjorklund, and Cassandra Bowman
Description: Two visitors seeking their family encounter a park volunteer perplexed about the licorice they have left on the ground.

Venue 9. Leaf & Hive

Nat Gold Players (Las Vegas, NM): Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Nat Gold Comedy Sampler
Stand-up comedy with Kayt Peck
Description: Katy’s act is part of the monthly comedy nights offered by Nat Gold Players.

Nat Gold Players (Las Vegas, NM): 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Who's on First (Abbott and Costello)
Cast: Lisa Cisneros and Victor Ramirez
Description: The classic baseball sketch.

Venue 10.  Dance Space 

Theater Grottesco: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Different, by The Ensemble
Cast: Danielle Reddick, Susan Skeele, Karen Light, Joshua Aon, Robin Duda, Myriah Duda, and Susie Perkins
Description: Different is two one-act structured improvisations. The first act uses the style of Greek Chorus to tell the story of the three betrayals of Joan of Arc. The second act uses the style of Buffoon to tell whacked fairy tales.

The Quinn Fontaine Studio: 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Be Your Authentic Self: Improv+Essence Work
Directed by Quinn Fontaine
Featuring The Quinn Fontaine Studio Players ranging in age from 8-80.
Description: An improv comedy performance based on moment-to-moment truths and audience suggestions.

Venue 11. Cacao

ReinART Productions: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
False Witness: The Trial of Humanity's Conscience, by Robert Krakow
Director: Reed Meschefske
Cast:  David McConnell, Sage Merriam, and Don Converse
Description: Adolf Hitler is on trial in the Eternal Courtroom of Justice featuring Anne Frank, Prosecutor, and Martin Luther, Defense Attorney.  

Oasis Theatre Company: 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 (no show at 4:30)
Madeleine & Molière, by Brenda Lynn Bynum
Director: Brenda Lynn Bynum
Cast: James Jenner and Brenda Lynn Bynum
Description: Molière's life-long theater partner, Madeleine Bejart, has left his theater company and he has come to ask her why.

Venue 12. Entropy Gallery

One Rep Max Theater: Noon • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00
Motherhood, Barbells, and T-Shots, Written and Performed by Mona Malec
Co-Created and Directed by Rod Harrison
Description: Four years ago, Mona's youngest son was her daughter; this one-woman play dives deep into the experience of a mother of a transgender teen.  
Presented with support from Ironweed Productions and Theater Grottesco.

One Rep Max Theater: 12:30 • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
The Magic Suitcase, by Rod Harrison
Directors: Rod Harrison and Mona Malec
Cast: Rod Harrison
Description: “The infinite potential of thrift stores and a dream of Xmas in June.”

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