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Theatre Walk Santa Fe

Below is the schedule of events that were presented on Saturday, September 22, 2018.
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Schedule of Events 2018

VENUE 1: Santa Fe Playhouse Speakeasy • 3218 Calle Marie

Just Say It Theater • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Gun Play, by Dale Dunn
A man, a woman, and a gun. Enough is enough.
Cast:    Lynn Goodwin as Woman, Scott Harrison as Man

Ironweed Productions • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    Hidden Treasure: a Georgian Immigrant’s Story, by Ketevan Kharshilze Ussery
This is the opening scene, based on Ketevan Kharshilze Ussery’s remarkable journey immigrating from Tbilisi.
Cast:     Ketevan Kharshilze Ussery
Director:     Scott Harrison

VENUE 2: Santa Fe Playhouse Workshop • 3218 Calle Marie • Unit B

Santa Fe Playhouse • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    The Explaining Room (part of Benchwarmers 2018), by Helen Rynaski
In the afterlife, there’s a room where you receive the answers to life’s mysteries. But in this comedy, things don’t go according to plan.
Cast:     Patti O’Berg as Sylvia, Veronica C. Everett as Caroline, Cynthia Coulter as Voice 1, Marguerite Louise Scott as Voice 2
Director:     Hamilton Turner

For Giving Productions & Red Thread Santa Fe • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, by Rebecca Gilman
Dana, a well respected artist, has had a few failures in life. Thus she finds herself at a rehab facility with two very strange characters.
Cast:     Debrianna Mansini as Dana, JD Garfield as Michael, Hamilton Turner as Gary
Director:    Janet Davidson

VENUE 3: Iglesia Apostolica • 3233 Calle Marie • Unit B

Ron Bloomberg Productions • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Your Move, by Ron Bloomberg
A comedy with two friends of a certain age, one in trouble financially.
Georgia O’Keeffe may save the day.
Cast:    Ron Bloomberg, Bill Dupuy, and Debrianna Mansini

New Mexico School for the Arts • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    Las Fronteras, by Domenica Nieto
Las Fronteras explores the reality that young immigrants or children of immigrants face as they journey toward a future on an unknown path.
Directors:    Domenica Nieto and Sylka Feliciano
Cast:    Jayden Chavez, Luca Pacheco, Manouk Paglayan

VENUE 4: Teatro Paraguas • 3205 Calle Marie • Unit B

New Mexico Actors Lab • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene A:    The Gin Game, by D. L. Coburn • at 1:30 and 3:30
On the back porch of a retirement home, two lonely inmates meet and begin a marathon game of Gin that eventually reveals their deepest secrets.
Director:    Robert Benedetti
Cast:    Suzanne Lederer* as Fonsia, Jonathan Richards as Weller
    *Suzanne Lederer appears through the courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Scene B:    A Doll’s House, Part 2, by Luca Hanft • at 2:30 and 4:30
This comedic modern tale takes up where Ibsen left off and explores the rules of society and gender in our own time.
Director:    Robert Benedetti
Cast:    Leslie Dillen and Kat Sawyer

Teatro Paraguas • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    Atacama, by Augusto Federico Amador
Ignacia and Diego meet in the Atacama desert. They find a deep and unsettling connection that shakes their souls.
Cast:     Bernadette Peña as Ignacia, James Chavez as Diego
Director:     Juliet Marie Salazar
Stage Mgr:    Glenda Thompson

VENUE 5: Annex A • 3205 Calle Marie • Unit A

The Oasis Theatre Company • Part 1 at 1:30 • Part 2 at 2:30 • Part 1 at 3:30 • Part 2 at 4:30
Scene:    The Diaries of Adam and Eve, by Mark Twain
Staged reading enhanced with illuminating drawings from both books.
Cast:    James Jenner as Adam, Brenda Lynn Bynum as Eve
Director:    Brenda Lynn Bynum

Blue Raven Theatre • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    Strawberry Jam, by Talia Pura
Nothing strains a relationship like having to tell your mother
her house has been condemned.
Director:    Talia Pura
Cast:    Cheryl Ford-Mente as Mary, Zoe Burke as Susan

VENUE 6: Cacao Santa Fe • 3201 Richards Lane • Unit B

Almost Adult Productions • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Late Reunion, by Aaron Leventman
Rona contacts her old high school friend in an effort to rekindle a once meaningful friendship. Except neither of them is now who they appear to be.
Cast:    Noah Simpson as Jeffrey, Cristina Vigil as Rona
Director:    Aaron Leventman

Z Productions • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    Lion’s Tale, by Rosemary Zibart
A lion snapping a man’s neck causes a couple to view their own mortality and question what they might truly desire before the end.
Cast:    Danette Sills and Aaron Leventman
Director:    Rosemary Zibart

VENUE 7: Confetti Community Hall • 3205 Richards Lane • Unit B

Julesworks • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Julesworks Follies Microcosm of Santa Fe’s Live (Not Quite) Monthly Variety Show, by Julesworks Ensemble
This is a mini sampling of the variety of live performances presented by the Julesworks Follies.
Director:    Julesworksers
Cast:    Julesworksers Ensemble including Danette Sills, Rose Provan, Stephen Jules Rubin, Michelle Ellchemi Ossorio McGrath, Christl MacKenzie, Andrew Professor Ferg, Yvette Michelle & GabeCat Martinez, Chris Diestler

Upstart Crows of Santa Fe • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scenes:     From Shakespeare
Cast:     Members of the Upstart Crows of Santa Fe
Director:    Caryl Farkas

VENUE 8: Dance Space • 3208 Richards Lane • Unit A

Labinger Productions • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:     Charming Billy, by Jerry Labinger
Billy decides his future, but his mother can’t accept it. His father wants him to grow up, but is this the way to go?
Cast:    Jodi Urbanak as Clara, Tyler Nunez as Billy, Brent Black as Norman
Directors:    Talia Pura & Jerry Labinger

Santa Fe Dance Company • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Dance:    Various pieces from our repertoire

VENUE 9: Santa Fe Improv • 1213 Mercantile Road • Unit D

Theatre Grottesco • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Action at a Distance, by Jeff Glassman (open rehearsal)
A work in progress: Four actors play nearly twenty characters in six plays that unravel simultaneously. The density of content is punctuated by the beauty of human synchronicity.
Cast:    Koppany Pusztai, John Flax, Tara Khozein, Danielle Louise Reddick
Directors:    Lisa Fay & Jeff Glassman Duo •

Santa Fe Improv • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    NOW
NOW is an improv comedy performance where players and audience inhabit the present moment, laugh, and have a great time.
Director:    Ben Taxy
Cast:    The Santa Fe Improv Players

VENUE 10: Adobe Rose Theatre • 1213 Parkway Drive • Unit B

International Shakespeare Center • 1:30 • 2:30 • 3:30 • 4:30
Scene:    Act 1.2 of King Lear, by Shakespeare
This scene sets up the family drama with Gloucester and his sons that parallels Lear’s own family drama with his daughters.
Cast:    Geoffrey Pomeroy as Edmund, Marty Madden as Gloucester,
Alex Reid as Edgar
Director:    Caryl Farkas

Adobe Rose Theatre • 2:00 • 3:00 • 4:00 • 5:00
Scene:    The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged), by Austin Tichenor and Reed Martin
Cast:     Dylan Reilly Fitzpatrick, Mariah Olesen, Koppany Pusztai
Directors:     Kate Chavez and Robin Holloway
Stage Mgr:    Casey Lakatos