Santa Fe Call Boards

Find the perfect actor or director or tech person
here on the Theatre Santa Fe Call Boards.

Theatre Santa Fe • Theater Santa Fe


Blah blah woof woof about amazing actors with a broad range of skills

Theatre Santa Fe • Theater Santa Fe


Beeble beeble in general about directors. With another little bit of info so terrific.

Theatre Santa Fe

Theatre Tech

Lots of great tech people here . . . lighting, building, sewing, etc.

Theatre Santa Fe
Rehearsal spaces for Theatre Santa Fe
Volunteers • Theatre Santa Fe


Blah blah woof woof here too. What exactly are venues—does it imply you can rent the space?

Rehearsal Space

Wheedle dee dee with rehearsal space here. This seems like a really valuable call board.


Everyone loves volunteers. How many people are willing to put themselves on a call board as a volunteer?