ISC King Lear • Review

ISC King Lear

Excerpt from Talkin’ Broadway:

In International Shakespeare Center Santa Fe's production of this 400-year-old masterpiece for the stage, I have now had the eye-popping pleasure of watching Paul Walsky, as Lear, deliver one of the finest performances I've seen in a lifetime of theater-going. Walsky commands every moment of his heartbreaking portrayal of the ill-fated monarch. I could say his riveting performance is reason enough to see this production, but I’m afraid I’d be doing a disservice to the collective talents of a large number of people who have joined with Walsky to give Santa Fe, in this reviewer’s opinion, the best theater offering of the year.

ISC’s staging of King Lear is the culmination of a cavalcade of lectures, talks, workshops, close reading sessions, and other activities held around town in this, the “Year of Lear.” The production, which was cast a full year ago, has afforded those actors associated with this ambitious theater project the opportunity to dig deep into the text and to rehearse the play with attendance to nuance and detail. The result is an unforgettable evening of theater.

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