PIE—a loaded concept

Frances Madeson provides a provocative review of Theatre Grottesco’s PIE on Talkin’ Broadway. Here are some snippets:

As our journey begins, it’s Beethoven's piano music and not the William Tell Overture that reassuringly places us sonically in the realm of a-r-t, respectability, and tradition—Grottesco's unfolding universe is civilized!  . . . As more piano music plays, they enact the disbursement of matter. They all blow protractedly and the lights come on. What's the connection between their action and the reaction, is it causation or coincidence?

The prompts it divinely and devilishly offers are ultimately nuggets of Grottesco’s collective wisdom urging further contemplation about where we go from here. The show’s last line makes a suggestion we can either succumb to or refute. Like everything that comes before, it’s a serene provocation delivered enigmatically. Mysteries to mull when making our own pie and remaking our worlds.

Co-created by and featuring John Flax, Tara Khozein, Apollo Garcia Orellana, Danielle Louise Reddick; direction and additional writing by Kent Kirkpatrick.

For the full review, see Talkin’ Broadway!

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