Sotto Voce • Review

Excerpts from a review by Mark Dunn; please read the full review at Talkin’ Broadway!

Teatro Paraguas has the privilege of being the first community theater in the country to stage Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Nilo Cruz’s 2014 drama Sotto Voce. Clearly mindful of this responsibility, the theater delivers a hauntingly mesmerizing memory play that speaks to the power of imagination in service to recollection of the past—even a past filled with deep pain.

The play has been described as a metaphysical love story, the couple's relationship as a platonic love affair. But, however characterized, it is the uniting of Bemadette and Saquiel’s souls through memory that makes the play sing.

Through the course of this wonderful Teatro Paraguas production of Sotto Voce, Bemadette Kahn endeavors to make her memories behave, as Saquiel strives to understand them. Together they explore both past and present in the kind of imaginative way that theater does best. And happily, at Teatro Paraguas, these characters have a lot of very talented people helping them do this.

Sotto Voce
Teatro Paraguas
3205 Calle Marie B
Santa Fe, NM
Tickets and information at or 505.424.1601.

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