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Casting Call: Meow Wolf Film

Meow Wolf’s latest production is seeking actors for the following roles for this non-union shoot. 

Casting now and shooting in Santa Fe in July 2019.

Please submit a headshot and resume to the Casting Director, Kathryn Brink, for an appointment to audition.

Character Breakdown:
Kaz is a brilliant inventor techbro who low-key despises the human experience. He’s fighting Cecelia for control of Dramcorp. Mechanically minded, but ignorant in other ways. Bad at business. Bad at subterfuge. Bad at politicking. While Cecelia seeks to ascend humanity to the aetherial plane, Kaz is seeking escape through tech.
Physical characteristics: Asian. Fit, Bro-y, perpetual hipster clothing choices, a little rumpled around the edges.

MARIN DRAM (16) — actor should be 18, & comfortable with make out scenes with a girl
Teenager of supernatural origins and abilities who just wants a “normal life.” Raised by her uncle and surrogate aunt in an off-dimension desert, she's desperate for her absent mom to be someone she’s not and will never be. She's in the thick of discovering both her vast well of untapped power and her bisexuality. Marin is filled with conflicting dreams and desires. A little shy, a lot enthusiastic, resilient, and independent.
Physical characteristics: Any Ethnicity. Unique looking, plus sized, med-long braidable hair.

Daughter and only child of the founder of a multi-million dollar corporation. Competitive and ambitious (perhaps cutthroat?) in her attempts to take the company in a new “cyber-spiritual” direction. Cecelia is a visionary with a penchant for New Age beliefs. She struggles with escaping her father's looming shadow, and genuinely sees herself as doing the right thing. While on an extended leave to an alternate dimension, Cecelia had a daughter under supernatural circumstances. Cecelia is a complex character; in order to achieve her lifelong dream of running the family company in our dimension, she had to leave her daughter behind in the dimension where she was born.
Physical characteristics: Any Ethnicity. Cold, fit, well put together.

WALTER DRAM (late 60’s-early 70’s)
Founder of multi-million dollar corporation, he came from nothing and built an empire. A dyed-in-the-wool American capitalist, in the style of Ray Kroc. Walter values family and people who meet his high bar of bootstrap ethics. Walter idealizes Henry Ford, has a penchant for robots, and values hard work above all else.
Physical characteristics: Caucasian. Formerly very fit — now a little soft around the edges. Handsome, confident, likable in his down-home authority.

The “renegade” black sheep of the family who went into the desert to start a new life after a fall-out with his brother. Unmotivated by traditional business yet resourceful, he sells drinkable supernatural energy on an inter-dimensional “black market” and has no qualms about whether what he is doing is wrong. A conspiracy theorist with insider knowledge, Charlie always has a story to tell and an easy smile. He believes in “live and let live."
Physical characteristics: Mixed/Caucasian. Charismatic, eccentric, weathered from years in the desert, in good physical shape.

JESSE (16) — actor should be 18, & comfortable with make out scenes with a girl
Jesse is Marin’s lifelong best friend. A gas station mechanic and a burgeoning revolutionary, plotting to take down the corporation owned by Marin’s birth mother. Jesse is also super duper in love with Marin. She’s waiting for Marin to wake up and realize she feels the same way.
Physical characteristics: Any Ethnicity. Utilitarian tomboy aesthetic with punk influences, introverted but self assured. Trans women and trans feminine folks encouraged.

Volunteer Actors and Readers Needed

Exploring Fairview Cemetery: Voices from the Past

Performance Date/Time:
Saturday • June 15, 2019 
6:30-8:30 p.m.

The Daughters of the American Revolution in Santa Fe are looking for volunteer actors and readers for a new historical “live” theatrical event on June 15th at the Fairview Cemetery, adjacent to the New Mexico School for the Deaf on Cerrillos Road. The DAR is seeking actors to play short 5-10 minute vignettes on notable Santa Feans, or to simply read a 1-2 page biography. As a non-profit they are seeking volunteer work, so if you are open to this type of community service, or simply want to hone your dramatic skills, this would be a great opportunity.

If interested, please call Lisa at 575-202-7936 or email