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By Michelle Kholos Brooks
Directed by Jessica Hanna
Produced by Adobe Rose Theatre Productions

Audition Date:
Saturday • July 27
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

TBD (location and sides will be emailed to those who sign up. Sides also available at the door. No monologues necessary!)

Begin September 10

Production Dates:
October 10 through 27
Thursdays through Sundays

Production Location:
The Swan Theatre
1213 Parkway Drive b, Santa Fe

Non-Union $599

To sign up for an audition slot, please email your contact info, including your cell/text number and preferred method of communication to

Character Breakdown:

KEVIN HERMENING (18-28): Barbara Timm’s oldest son and only child with her first husband, Richard. A Marine, tall, fit, but at the time of the play he has been a hostage for approximately six months. Facial hair is fine.

KENNY TIMM (40-55): Barbara’s husband. Hard-working, mid-Western guy with a sensitive side.

RICHARD HERMENING (40-50): Barbara’s ex-husband and Kevin’s father. Also a hard working mid-Western guy, but not as in touch with his feelings as Kenny.

TEHRAN MARY (20-30): To play Iranian. Idealistic Muslim involved in capturing American hostages in Iran’s American Embassy in 1979. Highly educated in Tehran and in the United States. Spokesperson for the Iranian students. Tehran Mary is the nickname given to her by the hostages and the American Press.

EBRAHIM (20-30): To play Iranian. Male Muslim hostage taker. Highly educated in the United States and Tehran.

CASTING CALL: Long Dead But Well Read series

The ISC is producing performed readings of plays by Shakespeare’s contemporaries for the Santa Fe Summer Shakespeare festival. Actors show up in the morning, rehearse during the day, perform at The Swan at 7 p.m., script in hand. ISC will provide the scripts. Please bring a bag lunch, we’ll provide dinner and drinks, plus snacks throughout the day. If you are interested, please email Robin Williams. It’s great fun!

The Duchess of Malfi, written by John Webster, 1612
Directed by Ariana Karp
This play begins as a love story and ends as a nightmare. Even with all its violence and mayhem, it is considered one of the great tragedies of the age.
Saturday • August 10 • rehearsal starts at 10 a.m. • 7 p.m. performance

All rehearsals and performances are at The Swan. Contact Robin Williams: